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AVS Sites for Women

An Adult Verification System ensures that children are not able to view sexually explicit material. AVS sites require a password which can only be obtained through a membership to that AVS system.

AVS sites for women are starting to grow in number, with an explosion due to occur in the next few months.

When you get an AVS membership, it lasts for a year, and you gain access to every site in the system. Often, that's over 100,000 sites.

If you're interested, visit these great sites for women:

Pure Cunnilingus

Adult Videos For Women

Anal For Women

Women's Erotica Club

Female Fantasies

The Cunnilingus Site

Big Dick Men

Hardcore for Her

Sensual Couples 

Erect Men

Loving Couples

Link Sites

Porn for Women Network

Erotica for Women Directory

Ms Naughty Porn for Women

Quirky Sex Amateur Couples

Porn Library

Sex Sites for Women

Women's Erotica Info

Porn for Women Biz - essays about porn for women

New! Naked Men News - information and sites with naked men.

Free Premium Porn

The kinky people at Kink dot com have a wide selection of free porn at their site: FREE HARDCORE

Best Erotica Sites for Women

For The Girls is my idea of a perfect women's erotica site. Why? Because I own it! My partner and I have worked really hard to create exactly the kind of premium site we would want to join. We've hand picked all the photos of hunky men and sexy couples, chosen the best 4women videos, written heaps of sex stories, articles and columns, added advice and humour, games and jokes and lots more. Satisfaction is the aim of the game - and we're sure For The Girls offers it in spades :)

Couples Pleasure Dome lets you download and watch scenes from a wide range of DVD quality full-length adult movies. All the movies on this site have been chosen by ME :) so you know they're going to be high quality, with plots and great sex. The movies are all female and couples-friendly, and you also get access to every other site in the network. That's thousands of great movies!

Hetero Male Porn Stars features all the hottest scenes by the best looking straight male porn stars in the business. You get free access to this site when you join Couples Pleasure Dome - a new women's erotica site for those new to smut. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics, but the real strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information. Quality writing is the hallmark of Sssh, which employs a team of special writers. If you're curious about sex magic, oral sex or romantic getaways, you'll love this site.

Three Pillows is for those who dream of getting it on with two men. This site explores bi-sexual sex without going into the usual cliches of double adapters and such. If you don't mind seeing guys get it on with guys (while women watch) this might be for you. And if you dig the idea of being pleasured by two men who devote all their attention to you... well, go for it!

If you're after something kinkier, try these sites:

Fucking Machines - Women giving themselves orgasms via mechanised fucking machines.

The Upper Floor - A live swingers party, 24 hours a day

Everything Butt - Anal, BDSM, kinky fun.

Behind Kink - behind the scenes, great site

Naked Kombat - female wrestling

Sex and Submission - BDSM

Real Fucking Couples

Male Wank



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