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Porn for Women

For a long time I couldn't find any porn for women. There was really only Playgirl and it wasn't much good. Then the internet grew and suddenly porn was everywhere, but it was all still for men. I've always enjoyed porn with my husband but I was also kind of disappointed with how it treated women. It was so fake, you know?

Anyway, I've started this site, showing off photos of me and my husband making love, in an effort to put some real-life couples porn out there that women can enjoy. I've also had a look at what sites there are that offer porn for women and placed their ads on this site.

If you're a woman looking for porn, I hope you can check out some of my recommendations. These sites are making a real effort to cater to what we women want in our porn. A lot of them have photos of naked men - I've never been that big on nude guys, but I know a lot of other women love them. What I love are the sexy couples photos. They can be really hardcore but still sexy and sensual and loving at the same time.

Sex doesn't have to be dirty or demeaning to women. My site shows a loving, real-life encounter. I think these other porn for women sites also have the same philosophy behind them. - Megan

There's a full list of porn for women sites here.

I also found this funny page which details what a woman really thinks when she looks at porn. - a new women's erotica site for those new to smut. Lots of sexy guys, couples and even fetish pics, but the real strength of this site lies with it's articles, stories and information. Quality writing is the hallmark of Sssh, which employs a team of special writers. If you're curious about sex magic, oral sex or romantic getaways, you'll love this site.

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4Real Swingers - Anna and Bruce document their swinging lifestyle at this huge site. Online since 1999!

Velvet Ecstasy - Quality site mixing amateur couples with solo models

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Totally Amateurs - Wide range of hardcore amateur pics and movies here, plus free entry to 50+ other adult sites.

Cute Couples - Reality-style site featuring young amateur couples fucking for the camera

Real Fucking Couples - Real couples having lots of hardcore real sex.

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